The essential oils of Indonesia

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Indonesia is blessed with fertile soil and congenial climate. Indonesia is one of the main producer of essential oils. Essential oils are derived from plants, stems and roots. Essential oil has been existed for millenia. Ibn Baitar (1188-1298) was an andalusian physician, chemist, and pharmacist. He was first person who used to extract essential oils from plants and stems.
Indonesia is blessed with abundant plant spices. Indonesia is a natural place for essential oils. There are 40 kinds of oils are produced by Indonesia and among them 12 are commercially developed at an industrial scale. They are nilam, Akarwangi, Kenanga, kayu putih, Sereh dapur, cengkeh, cendana pala, Kayu manis, Kemukus, Lada el at.
Essential oils are easy to plant, maintain and, harvest. It has very high demand round the globe because of its distinctive scent and essence. All these make them preferable for small farmers.
Essential oils offer many health benefits. Due to its unique properties, it is used in medicine, fragrance, and culinary.
I would like to expound the benefits of essential oils. I hope it will enlighten your knowledge regarding Essential oils.
1. Patchouli (Nilam): Patchouli is widely grown throughout the Indonesia. Indonesia is ideal for its cultivation. It grows in hot weather but not directly under sunlight. The health benefits of patchouli oil can be attributed to its properties.
● Relieves depression
● Soothes inflammation
● Prevents infection
● Insect repellant
● Eliminates Bad order
2. Nutmeg (Pala): Nutmeg is an evergreen tree grows in Indonesia and can be found in south India as well. Nutmeg is used in Asian cuisine. The health benefits of Nutmeg includes;
● Promotes digestion
● Promotes Oral health
● Acts as a detoxifer
● Anti pain
● Boots Immune system.
3. Clove (Congkeh): Before 100 hundreds, clove was grown only on a few Island in the Maluku. Today Clove grows in Indonesia, Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka. These countries are the main producers of cloves. Cloves are flavoring agents used in variety of ways across the world.
The health benefits of Clove oils are below:
● Anti cancer
● Aids in digestion
● Controlling Diabetes
● Contains anti inflammatory properties
● Helps to reduce the symptoms of Asthma and Bronchitis.
4. Vetiver (Akar wangi) Vetiver is widely cultivated in the tropical regions of the world. Vetiver is produced Indonesia, India and, Haiti. The health benefits of vetiver oil can be attributed to its properties.
● Anti inflammation
● Eliminates scars
● Inhibits bacterial infection
● Increases Libido
● Prevents nervous disorders
● Reduces dryness and cracks of the skin.
5.Lemongrass (Sereh Dapur): Lemongrass is a tropical plant which is cultivated in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka and China. Lemongrass is a tall perennial plant that belongs to poaceae grass family. Lemongrass is a popular flavouring in Asian cooking. There are 50 types of lemongrass but not all are edible or ideal for medical purpose.
The heath benefits of of Lemongrass, making it one of the most versatile and health-promoting essential oil. It works well for;
●Anti inflammation
●Reduces Hair problems
● Anti Infection
●Inhibits Digestive disorders
● Anti fungal
● Rich in Antioxidants.
Order type essential oils: Other important plants include: massoia (masoi), basil (kemangi), rose (mawar), melati (jasmine), ginger (jahe), kapulaga (cardamon), coriander (ketumbar), and champaka (kencur).
Penulis: Aqib Farooq Mir

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