Vietnam is a country which is located in Southeast Asia, had been under French colonial rule. During world war II, Japan also invaded Vietnam. Vietnam started fighting off both Japanese Invaders and French colonial rule.

Ho chi Minh was a political leader, influenced and inspired by Chinese and Soviet Union. Emperor Bao Dai was another leader, inspired and influenced by west and close ally of French.

Both leaders had different ideology. Ho Chi Minh troops took over northern city of Hanoi, declared Ho chi Minh Democratic president of Vietnam. Another side, French backed Emperor Bao Dai took over southern part of Vietnam and declared saigon as its capital.

Both sides wanted a unified Vietnam under one ideology. Ho chi Minh wanted communism in Vietnam and Bao wanted a country based on American model. American involvement in Vietnam started in 1950 to abet and aid French backed government in Vietnam.

The French backed troops were defeated by communist troops and French backed troops suffered a decisive defeat in 1954.  The French colonial rule was ended in Vietnam.

Vietnam became a headache for America as it was difficult for America to stop communism in Vietnam. In 1964, America sent 5000 advisers to South Vietnam.  America had already there 18000 advisers stationed in Vietnam.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower pledged his support to South Vietnam leaders. Both Southern troops of Vietnam  and CIA started crackdown on protagonists of communism. Thousands of people were tortured and executed.

Americans also started aerial bombing to North Vietnam. The objective was to isolate Ho Chi Minh. The aggressive ground battle and aerial bombing  started during the cold war period.

Americans completely immersed themselves in Vietnam war. Americans Marines arrived at Da Nang on March 8, 1965. Their strategy was “KILL and DESTROY. The idea was to send out troops to northern part of Vietnam, track down hostilities kill and destroy enemies afterwards withdraw immediately.

Americans started another operation “Operation Linebacker II” in 1972. U.S air forces carried out air strikes to northern Vietnam. 15249 tons of bombs were dropped. Besides, 72 million liters chemicals were dropped of which 66% was Agent orange.  Agent orange is herbicide which destroys plants and inhibits their growth.  It caused cancer, birth defects, rashes and severe psychological and neurological problems among Vietnamese people.

President Nixon suspended the offensive against North Vietnam in 1973. Therefore, all parties came to negotiating table. U.S, south Vietnam and North Vietnam came to an agreement known  as the Paris peace Accords. Afterwards, all U.S troops left south Vietnam. This accord was not effective on the conflict. Both North and South Vietnam violated the accord. It left no option for Americans to stay.  Furthermore, America evacuated all civilians and U.S soldiers by air. North Vietnam army captured sagian and defeated South Vietnam army. The war came to an end.

According to survey 500000 troops who served in Vietnam suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, and rates of divorce, suicide, alcoholism and drug addiction were markedly higher among veterans. It is said that 58000 U.S troops were killed in Vietnam.

Allah says in the holy Quran “Whoever kills a person [innocent person]it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind.” (Qur’an, 5:32)

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